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Know your Moxie

Have a business idea you’re trying to bring to life? Ready to take your current marketing efforts to the next level? Just need a little help getting your design campaigns going?
Moxie Design is a creative agency located in Hampton Roads, Virginia, specializing in graphic design and creative services. We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the most talented marketing and design professionals in the area to expand the services that Moxie can offer. As a whole, we have worked with fortune 500 companies, internationally recognized universities, as well as some of the most amazing local businesses in the area. We strive to see things beyond the “agency bubble” to offer our clients functional, innovative solutions to meet their marketing needs. Our goal is to see the whole picture; aesthetics, content, the numbers, and the audience, to fine tune your branded campaign, helping you develop a solid foundation for all of your marketing efforts. Take a look below and meet the Moxie Design team.

Michele Harrison has been a professional graphic designer for over 15 years for advertising and marketing agencies, helping organizations stand out in a busy media landscape with refined logos, marketing collateral, advertisements and more. She specializes in traditional and digital design mediums while representing businesses of various sizes.


Old Dominion University
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Graphic Design

Her favorite joke

How many tickles does it take to tickle an octopus?
Email us for the answer 🙂

Sheryl Sulouff began her career as a media buyer for Circuit City, and then spent 10 years at The Martin Agency where she worked on high-profile accounts such as GEICO, UPS, Got Milk, Alltel and Smokey Bones, just to name a few. She provides the vision and leadership that connects all the advertising pieces together like a beautifully completed puzzle.


Virginia Commonwealth University Bachelor’s of Science
Mass Communications Advertising Business Track

Fun fact

Her favorite smells… burnt marshmallows and the smell of the ocean, but not at the same time.

Eric Schuster has been designing websites since he graduated college in 2006. He worked for Christopher Newport University as a web developer for 3 years before opening Fresh Look Web Design in October of 2009. What started as a side business quickly grew into a full-time business as more and more clients hired Fresh Look to do their internet marketing. Eric now works on the web side of things for Moxie along with his business Fresh Look.


Christopher Newport University
Bachelor of Science in Information Science
Business Administration Minor

Pet Peeve

When someone ends a story with the word “like”.

Kelly Marderosian is a multi-talented artist whose focus is Photography with a concentration on people, corporate, and branded imagery. She is a published and award-winning photographer with work published in Faith and Fitness Magazine, The Scout Guide Williamsburg, and The Local Scoop in addition to being featured across multiple social media platforms, newspapers, and advertisements. Kelly brings a fresh eye to all of her photography projects and works closely with the creative team and client to capture what will excel the clients brand to the next level!


Old Dominion University
Mass Communications Public Relations

Fun fact

She loves anything that sparkles. If it’s pink, it’s an added bonus! It can
make quick trips to the store near impossible!! 🙂


Working with us may result in the following side effects:

Greater Brand Awareness

More engagement online or in your establishment

Increased Smiles, high-fives, and hugs (if you want them)