One of my favorite sayings I learned in college at Old Dominion University was, “Good design is invisible.”

This puzzled me at first.

So I thought about it.

Then it resonated with me.

It’s why design is so important to any business. It goes to the very heart of why design matters.

You see, design is the subtle way to get your message noticed without it being noticed. It’s pleasing at the subconscious level, where form and utility are perfected so that without really knowing it you become satisfied.

Invisible design draws you in. It’s intuitive. Seamless and effortless.

It’s the opposite of the annoying and obnoxious design that is unforgettable for entirely different reasons, which include being in your face and screaming, “You need me!”

Good design whispers. It beckons seductively even.

Good design becomes your story, or your idea. Essentially it’s an extension of you. When that happens, the design objective has been reached.

That’s why it’s so important for you to have good design for your business, or company, or organization.

Because without good, invisible design, you’re just another obnoxious voice in the crowd that no one wants to hear. Or worse, that everyone ignores.

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