As the entrepreneur who launched Moxie Design Group, I’m a small business owner but I’m also heavily involved in economic development.

“Wait a minute,” you’re probably saying. “Aren’t you Moxie Design? Like a design and content firm?”

Yes, at Moxie Design we are all of that. But there’s much more to it, from our perspective. You see, our Moxie Design big vision is as economic development contributors to our community.

If you look at the definition of economic development in this presentation, you’ll see it’s the “process of creating wealth through the mobilization of human, financial, capital, physical and natural resources to generate marketable goods and services. The economic developer’s role is to influence the process for the benefit of the community through expanding job opportunities and the tax base.”

From our perspective, as a small and local independent business, we’re contributing to economic development in Hampton Roads. My clients are here and quite simply, we’re helping them grow their businesses.

Their revenue goes up. They add more employees. Their sales increase. They pump more tax dollars into the local economy. They provide good jobs.

Some of them attract tourists who spend money here and we only see that expanding in the near future as Gloucester County is to be home to a new state park and a national park. Both parks will literally help put Gloucester on the map and both will celebrate the county’s most famous resident, Pocahontas, and the Native American heritage of Gloucester.

Economic development is critical for any community to thrive. It plays out in many ways. It’s shopping local, for example. It’s hiring locally-owned firms like Moxie Design Group. It’s supporting local small businesses.

Being engaged in economic development plays out in other ways as well. For us, that’s being involved in our Gloucester Montessori School by previously serving on the Board of Directors.

It’s also being members of the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and members of the Retail Alliance, the “retail champion of Hampton Roads.”

We also shop local.

Here’s the question for you: Will you join Moxie Design Group in our economic development mission?

Contact us. Support us.

And support local businesses by shopping local and supporting them.

We’ll all be winners and thrive with this mindset.